Self Hyponosis For Stress Relief

How to use self-hypnosis to quell work related anxieties.

Think hypnosis is hocus-pocus?

If so, you’re dismissing a powerful tool for improving work performance, says Brian Alman, a psychotherapist who’s trained staffers at Procter & Gamble and other companies. “Self-hypnosis is a form of deep relaxation that helps you focus, solve problems and relieve anxiety over presentations and deadlines,” he says. Here’s how to try it:

Step 1. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply.

Step 2. State a specific goal like “I’ll feel confident about presenting my market analysis.”

Step 3. Keeping eyes closed, count from 1 to 100, then back to 1.

Step 4. Repetitive statements will focus your mind on achieving your goal. When you open your eyes, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to work.

From:Reader’s Digest


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