Miracle of vegetation

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When I was young, perhaps during 1955 or 1956 I used to read an article of Dr.Annoda kishore Munsi named “vesoj theka velki” means miracles in vegetation in ” Desh Patrika”, the then most popular fort- nightly bengali magazine in west bengal.At present I donot remember much but this I remember that his main emphasis was “in ancient times how people used to get well from sickness just by eating diffent kinds of juice from different herbs” Herbal medicine was then the only medicine. Still today, in many places in the third world vilage people use only herbal medicine to get rid of several types of diseases.Now a days in developed countries as well herbal medicines are getting popular day by day.Particularly, those who are manufacturing creams,and medicines for beautification ,they depend too much on herbal product.

In my openion if extensive research is done on vegetation, a day will come when man will find cure of most of the diseases through herbal medicines.THERE IS NOT A SINGLE PLANT ON EARTH WHICH DOES NOT HAVE MEDICINAL VALUE…….only we are to find out.This page may be helpful for those who want to know about herbal medicines .

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