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Homeopathy is a alternative approach of medicine based on the belief that natural substance, prepared in a very special method use most often in small amounts, restore health. According to these beliefs, in order for a remedy to be effective, it must cause in a healthy person the same symptoms being treated in the patient. The Greek words homoios(means similar) and pathos(means suffering) joining together it has become Homeopathy.

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In this system of medicine, they use highly diluted doses from the plant,minerals and animal kingdoms to stimulate natural defence in the body.Basically, Homeopathic treatment is a symptom based treatment.The theory of Homeopathy was developed by the Saxon physician Samuel Hahnemann during 1755 – 1843 and first published in 1796. One may go to this link to learn more.

In my opinion,extensive research work should be done on Homeopathic Medicine so that we can get the best benefit from it. This type of medicine will be very much cost effective and common man can use this for their general illness.It will be a great help for the poor ,particularly, in the third world where many people cannot afford to have square meal a day.

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