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Ayurveda is a very old Indian traditional system of preventive health care. It believes that health is based on harmonious relationship between three humors called “doshas” and disharmony results in disease. We can get a very good knowledge of present Ayurvedic Treatment from this page.

In India, and many places in the world ,many research institutions are now a days doing active research in ancient methods of Ayurveda. Some of these research is aimed at proving the validity of the Ayurvedic methods. It is pity that medicines that have worked successfully for many thousand years on human beings should be put to test on poor laboratory animals.But the good news is that lots of modern Ayurvedic medicines are being produced day by day.

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Great Site, Interesting and provocative posts. I don”t agree with all you’ve posted about.But to some extant we are what we ate and if we eat more than we can burn, we become fat, maybe develop high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, etc. A ounce of prevention is worth a lb of cure.
Will bookmark you and check back periodically.

I found you through your son’s blog. It’s wonderful that you can share with us something you have a passion for and at the same time share one of his with him!

Read about your new blog over at
Weblog Tools Collection. I am learning a lot reading your posts, as I know next to nothing about the subject. Congratulations on your success in tackling the world of the Internet, and good luck on this blog.

Thanks to all for comments, these will encourage me to write more about the subject and share my experiences with you all.

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