Fruits and vegetables

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Consumption of more fruits and vegetables associates lower risk for numerous chronic diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases.The research scholars say that replacing foods of high energy density (high calories per weight of food) with food of lower energy density , such as fruits and vegetables can play an important role in body weight management as well.
This page may reveal some of the latest research done on it. and if we go to this page and see the food pyramid we can understand what a big part fruits and vegetable should play in our daily. diet.

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Lovely site. I arrived here via Weblog Tools Collection. Alternative medicine and therapies is an area I’m very interested in myself, and I also practise meditation (it’s unbelievably beneficial).

I’ll drop by here often, keep up the great work!

I knew that fruits and vegetables were important and very healthy, but I think it is interesting to actually find out the reason behind it. I think the concept of lower energy density is fascinating. Thanks for sharing this information with me. 🙂 I’ll be back and I’ll add you to my bookmarks.

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