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Foot bath

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Foot bath is Simple Pleasure but with Real Benefits.

Cold weather can chill the body, causing a variety of ailments, such as stomach bloating and constipation. Footbaths help to relieve these symptoms. A soak in a footbath is particularly recommended for pregnant women, who are especially susceptible to chills.Footbaths are just the thing for people who would like to take a shoulder-deep soak in an onsen and but do not have the time or opportunity.

There is joke if you catch cold and take medicine to cure it …it takes a week only to cure but if you don’t take medicine it will take 7 long days to cure.
Taking foot bath will be a magical relief of cold if one takes it properly. Foot bath has many other good effects on body and helps to heal several other diseases.One should read these pages to learn little more……………….(1)……(2)……..(3).…..(4)

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