Faith & beliefs

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Every person should have faith & belief on himself first and then on others.But without these no one can have a good life.Some people say “I do not believe on anything which can not be proved by modern science”. But can science prove everything in this world? Can science prove how life has come to this universe? It may assume several things and assumptions are not the proofs.

Some people believe on the existence of God but many do not and many are skeptical.I believe strongly that there must have some force which have created this beautiful universe and is being maintained for millions and millions years, and we may call this force as GOD.

Some Great force must be there which is out of the reach of human science and as because our thoughts limiting ourselves withen our science …many times we say this is impossible and that is impossible. It is like the story of conversation between a frog born and brought up in a well (never had the access to go out) and a frog from the ocean. When the ocean frog wanted to explain the well frog that the ocean is million and millions times bigger than his well , he did not believe it at all, because his scientific mind can never believe that there can be something much bigger than his well which does not have and will not have any existence to him.
Faith is a non-rational belief in some proposition. A non-rational belief is one which is contrary to the sum of evidence for that belief. A belief is contrary to the sum of evidence for a belief if there is overwhelming evidence against the belief, e.g., that the earth is flat, hollow or is the center of the universe. A belief is also contrary to the sum of evidence if the evidence seems equal both for and against the belief, yet one commits to one of two or more equally supported propositions.

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Faith is good but one shpoud believe that what science can not prove is some thing unique–its our inability to prove that through science–there is obviously some explanation for it , may be we are unable to find it out at the present moment.

I think that faith & science should go hand in hand. I think logically, I blieve in evolution over creationism, but I still believe that a higher force designed everything.

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