Skipping is a good exercise for chieldren

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Skipping is a very good exercise for chieldren.Even for teen agers Skipping is an excelent exercise.It the best form of exercise which is beneficial to most of the organs of the body.Skipping improves fitness,behaviour,and is enjoible to everyone.It helps to develop co-ordination,co-operation and communication skills and it is an activity that both boys and girls can do togather.I believe that Skipping to be the best form of exercise for todays chieldren.As it does not always need much space and can be done indoor.
Skipping improves cardiovascular fitness,increases mascular strength,better endurance,greater flexibility,strong bones,improve balance,improve agility but the most important is that it helps to become tall with the age and balance weight with the height.

In my personal experience I have found that those who did regular skipping exercise in their chieldhood are taller persons afterwards when they grow up, than those who never care to do it.So, I would request every parent who wants their chield to be tall should encourage the chield to practice skipping daily .

Tips for safe skipping

  • Don’t try too much too soon. Start with a 1:3 skipping: rest ratio, so if you skip for five minutes you rest for 15, and build up slowly
  • Make sure the children (and you) are wearing appropriate shoes, such as cross-trainers or aerobic shoes, as these provide appropriate stability and cushioning under the forefoot
  • Choose a well-lit area, preferably with a springy wooden floor or a carpeted surface, or put a thin, non-slip exercise mat down first
  • Watch for posture. Knees and ankles should be bent and the torso straight when jumping. Arms should be by the skipper’s side, with the rope turning from the wrists and forearms
  • Before skipping, do five minutes of gentle cardiovascular exercise, such as walking or marching. Then, gently stretch all the major muscle groups. Remember to cool down, bringing the heart rate down gently at the end of a session. Stretches should be repeated

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