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Humanism should be today’s religion for every human of the world.I strongly believe every man should believe in only one religion and that is totally Secular Humanism. It is a fact that every religion of the world has lots preachings of humanism in it.But it is also a fact that every religion has its own way preaching humanism, and moreover,it separates man from one religion to a man of other religion. although the ultimate goal of every religion is to achieve mental peace and happiness and to reah near the suprim force ,or the power, the GOD.

.While the dominant forms of humanism are atheistic (and express a disbelief in the supernatural), not all forms of humanism are. However, all forms of humanism are built around a rejection of the importance of the supernatural in human affairs, regardless of whether or not it exists. In this way, humanism as a group of related philosophies does not necessarily rule out some form of theism or deism, and there are many humanists who consider themselves religious, some of whom are members of (typically, liberal) religious organizations. What humanism clearly rejects is blind deference to supernatural beliefs in resolving human affairs, not necessarily the beliefs themselves.

According to humanism, it is up to us to find the truth, not wait for it to be handed to us through revelation, mysticism, tradition, or anything else that is incompatible with the application of logic to the evidence. In demanding that we avoid blindly accepting unsupported beliefs, it supports scientific scepticism and the scientific method, rejecting authoritarianism and extreme skepticism, and rendering faith an unacceptable basis for action. Likewise, humanism asserts that knowledge of right and wrong is based on our best understanding of our individual and joint interests, rather than stemming from a transcendental or arbitrarily local source.

Humanism features an optimistic attitude about the capacity of people, but it does not involve believing that human nature is purely good or that each and every person is capable of living up to the humanist ideals of rationality and morality. If anything, there is the recognition that living up to our potential is hard work and requires the help of others. The ultimate goal is human flourishing; making life better. Even among humanists who do believe in some sort of an afterlife, the focus is on doing good and living well in the here and now, and leaving the world better for those who come after us, not on suffering through life to be rewarded afterwards.

There are many people who consider themselves humanists, and much variety in the exact type of humanism they believe in. There is some disagreement over terminology and definitions, with some people using narrower or broader interpretations. Not all people who call themselves humanists hold beliefs that are genuinely humanistic, and not all people who do hold humanistic beliefs apply the label of humanism to themselves.

Secular Humanism is the branch of humanism that rejects any particular religion and the existence of a supernatural. It is often associated with scientists and academics. Secular humanists generally believe that following humanist principes naturally leads to secularism, on the basis that only one religious views cannot be supported rationally. If someone believes in secular humanism , there is no reason why one will not believe in the supreme force or the power that has created this unique universe.
Humanism teaches us that it is not wise to wait for God to act for us. We must act to stop the wars(as there lies the sprit of GOD in every human being) and the crimes and the brutality of this and future ages. We have powers of a remarkable kind. We have a high degree of freedom in choosing what we will do. Humanism tells us that whatever our philosophy of the universe may be, ultimately the responsibility for the kind of world in which we live rests with us.

Now, while Secular Humanists may agree with much of what religious Humanists do, they deny that this activity is properly called “religious.” This isn’t a mere semantic debate. Secular Humanists maintain that there is so much in religion deserving of criticism that the good name of Humanism should not be tainted by connection with it.

Now, what is Religion?
Religion is a human phenomenon that defies easy definition. It is commonly understood as a group of beliefs or attitudes concerning an object (real or imagined), person (real or imagined), or system of thought considered to be supernatural, sacred, devine or highest truth, and the moral codes, practices, values, institutions, and rituals associated with such belief or system of thought. It is sometimes used interchangeably with “faith” or belief system In the course of the development of religion, it has taken many forms in various cultures and individuals and all these were needed according to the need of the time. Occasionally, the word “religion” is used in the more restrictive sense of “organized religion”. Religion is very important structure of the socity. We all must believe in a higher power, in whatever shape and form, to become spiritual, to be connected to each other and the world, to tap into the mystical energy of life.It is religious aggression that leads to evil doings and war. . Tolerance, respect and love are the keys to peace in the world. And when you think about it, we are all family members of one village called Earth.
Why we need to have one and only one religion today?
Today, the world has totally changed . The whole human population is practically living in a single village now….. THE GLOBAL VILLAGE.Where now people can talk , see and communicate each other much much faster and easier way.. Now, we are a single community….. a human community. So, we must have a single religion……..which we may call Humanism.This community should have only one type of place for praying instead of going to church,mandir or masjid , we would go to one place only and pray for the betterment of humanity.Our priest should preach us the preaching that we need most today to save the humanity and save the world.And I believe saving the environment for saving the whole world and it’s living creatures should be one of them.

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Hi there.
in this post you sad something about ‘ social development of religion ‘.
Could you please help me to find some references about this matter?
I want to know how develop religion especially from perspective of modernization theory.
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I found this post through a blogger search. I realy liked what you had to say here, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts on natural health.

If you have time, please stop by and join in the discussion. I think you will find us agood fit philosphically and we would love your comments and thoughts.

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