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Swimming is a great activity

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Swimming is a great physical activity. It tones your entire body while providing an excellent cardiovascular workout; it strengthens your heart muscle and improves delivery of oxygen to muscles. You may swim to burn as many calories as you want if you swim intensely and get your heart rate up.

It is the ideal and all round exercise for all ages. Swimming builds aerobic capacity as effective as any other sports with less risk of injury.The body’s natural bouyancy in the water frees it from weight- bearing stress that accounts for the low injury rate among swimmers.It is a therapetic exercise for people with injury,arthritis,weight and back-problem too.Aerobic conditioning in the water tends to stabilize blood pressure and improve arterial circulation. The pressure of the surrounding water further improves peripheral circulation. Water temperature keeps the body cooled, which is safer for exercising.

Swimming is a balanced exercise that utilizes all the body’s major muscle groups and improves general muscle tone without producing tightness. As we get older we need to swim, for keeping flexibility, slowing the inevitable decline of muscle mass, and just plain using it so we don’t lose it, is key to being a healthy, happy 80 year old.

It is relaxing and enjoiable too.Particularly for the kids,they want to spend hours in swimming pool and that is very good for their health and mind.It improves their immunity system. It is observed that kids those who love swimming and spend sometime in swimming pool regularly, suffer much less in cold allergy or influnza type of fever.It is life saving too.It should be a moral duty of every parent to teach their kid to learn swimming.

Now, what is the ideal age to start to learn swmming?.Experts differs sharply on the age chieldren should learn swimming.
It’s a topic hotly debated among experts.

On one side is the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recommends that kids wait until age 4 to learn to swim. On the other are instructors who say that they’ve taught children as young as 6 months to swim solo – and that they’ve had great success.

At the YMCA where Dominic and his mother attended class, an instructor led the group in singing “Motorboat, Motorboat,” and other rhymes as parents lifted children into and out of the pool then helped them practice skills such as floating on their backs.

The program focuses on getting kids used to the water, not on pushing them to swim independently, said Heather Williams, who leads the group of aquatics directors at the YMCA’s seven local pools.


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