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Cleanliness is the most important word for handling chieldren.Emphasis has to be laid to keep the environment free from pollution.A polluted environment will give rise to various respiratory diseases and hearts and lungs ailments. Smoking in front of the chieldren should be totally band.

In the third world villages it is often found that the umbilical cords of the newborn are cut by uncleaned bamboo sticks by the untrained persons without knowing serious impact it will have on the health of the kid.Oil should never be applied on the chieldren as their skin is tender and hair follicles get chocked and the skin gets sticky.

Mothers must keep their hands clean and develop the habit of cutting nails regularly and rings should be removed during feeding the chield, as they are sourse of contamination and infection for the chieldren.Chieldren should be bathed regularly and mild soaps should be used atleast twice a week to keep them clean.Or else, the skin gets colonised with bacteria and other things.Over clothing of chieldren is to be avoided by parents as chieldren feel extreamly uneasy and sometimes it gives rise to fungal infection.Cases of fungal infection are found more in winter than summer.( specially in the third world.)The common belief that chieldren will suffer from hypothermia is absolutely wrong unless they are exposed to very low temperature ranging between 0 to 5 degree Celsicus.

Breast- feeding is most important for the healthy development of chieldren as it gives immunity to the kids. Mothers should breast feed their chieldren even when they are suffering from stomac upset. In case of diarrhoea, oral rehydration solution is the best medicine.Foreign milk should not be given to chieldren as it gives rise to various diseases starting from auto-immune diseases,multiple sclerosis,allergy and others.

Parents shouldnot force their chieldren as far feeding is concerned as they are the best judge of their appetite. Well and toomuch of it will be the reason for loss of interest in the food intake.

As the baby starts growing external babyfood over and above mother’s milk should be started as per advice of the pediactrician.Always keeping in mind every feeding equipment should be properly sterilised before it is used.All immunisation shorts should be given in time as per advice of the pediactrician.

Intimidation should not be used and fairly tales containing horror stories should not be read aloud before going to bed. Chieldren need to be hugged and kissed for for better psychological development.Dining room concept is essential and chieldren should develop the habit of eating in it.

Toilet training is a must to a growing baby.Every care should be taken so that baby’s colon is cleaned properly everyday.

Chieldren often suffer from cough and cold. The disease is due to the viral infection and there is nothing to fear.In some cases antibiotics are used for treatment but doctors should be consulted if the chield falls sick.

A healthy baby is the future healthy human of the world.

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