Give Yourself a Foot Massage

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Massaging the feet can bring relaxation to your entire body.

When you massage the thousands of nerve endings in the foot, you can feel relaxation throughout your body. Regular massage keeps the foot flexible and healthy. Follow these easy steps to give your feet a treat:

Deep Massage
Grip the foot in your hands, with fingers on the sole and thumbs on top. Work the bones by pressing down with the thumb and heels of the hands, and up and in with your fingers. Then move one hand up the length of the foot while moving the other hand down.

Thumb Press
Hold your foot with your thumbs on the sole and fingers on the top. Press in hard, firm circles over the sole. Repeat over the top of the foot. Be thorough, making sure to cover the entire area. Use your fingers to press near the ankle and heel.

Toe Stretches
Hold the heel firmly with one hand. With the other hand, push the toes forward and backward (omit the little toe if you wish). Hold the stretch for several seconds each way, then repeat.

Toe Tugs
Gently tug each toe with your index finger and thumb. Then, starting with the big toe, twist each toe from side to side; let the thumb and forefinger slide off the end. Don’t crack the toe knuckles.
Source: Reader’s Digest

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