Some Breathing Exercises For Body & Soul

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The essence of yoga lies in BREATHING.Get to know it like your best friend because it will always be there for you as long as you live.Breathing is healing,soothing,cleansing and wholesome, bringing freedom to the body and mind.Take a pause to notice how many times you freeze to breathe……The answer , never.

In Yoga the mouth is rarely used for Asanas/Postures. Breathing Exercises help to :

1. Strengthen lungs and build resistance to conquer respiratory disorders.

2. Stimulate optimum oxygen and blood circulation to different parts of the body.(anatomically and physiologically)

3. Realise that your breath is your life force , or prana , which when awakened increase your life span.

Let me jot down a very few out of many breathing exercises that can be regularly practiced to help fight psychosomatic disorders like anxity,asthma,pain,cancer,constipation,depression,fatigue,headaches, hypertention,insomnis and obesity.

Standing tall on your feet,with erect spine and gaze straight,bring your arms with palms joined in front in line with the shoulders.

Inhail deeply, spreading your arms away from each other and exhale deeply while brining them back togather to the starting position.

Coordinate your breathing with the movement of your arms.

Repeat 10-20 times.

Feel the deep sense of freedom and control over your breathing, specially after an exhausting day at work.

The poster is same as deep breathing .

Place your arms by the sides and keep your eyes closed.Inhale slowly to raise both the arms togather and exhale smoothly by brining them back to the start position.

Coordinate your breathing .

Repeat 10 times with ease,as it detoxifies the mind and body.

Holding the same poster ,first the palm like a shell brining it close to the mouth and keep eyes open.

Inhale from the mouth and exhale from blowing the air from the mouth right into the clenched fist that acts as a resistance to the blowing.

Blow with cheeks puffed like blowing air into the balloon.

Repeat 10 times.

This exercise immediatly refreshes the whole face and head with blood.Lungs regain their tone and strength. Deep blowing also stregthen the cervical spine (neck) muscles.

Source:Meera Vaghani’s (Yoga therapist) journal on The Telegraph, (e mail:yoga therapist,

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