The Half Spinal Twist (Yoga Exercise)

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This exercise helps the whole spinal column to become healthy and flexable.The blood circulation and the digestive process improves.The portion below the naval region – foot,waist,stomatch,neck and the back can be made flexible by this exercise.It also strengthen the bones,veins,tendons,and by this the body becomes very beneficial in helping diabetes and all intestinal diseases.

1.The movement tones the spleen liver kidney and the pancreas kidney.

2.It also tones the spinal nerves and ligaments and improves the digestion.

3.The half-Spinal Twist is one of the few poses that rotate the spine. Most bend the spinal column either backward or forward, but to become truly flexible it must be twisted laterally as well.

4.This erercise helps to improve several brain functions.

How to do the exercise:-

1.Kneel down with your legs together, resting on your heels.

2.Then sit to the right of your feet, as shown in the picture above.

3.Lift your left leg over your right, placing the foot against the outside of the right knee. Bring your right heel in close to your buttocks. Keep the spine erect.

4.Stretch your arms out to the sides at shoulder level, and twist around to the left.

5.Now bring the right arm down on the outside of the left knee and hold the left foot in the right hand, placing your left hand on the floor behind you. Exhaling, twist as far as possible to the left. Look over the left shoulder.

This exercise should be practiced by changing alternatively the position of hand and leg, so that the spine gets twist action both ways.


In the begining you will be able to remain in twisted position for few seconds but gradually you should increase the time.

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