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Video games could improve eyesight

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NEW YORK: Playing video games that involve firing guns could improve eyesight, suggests a study….CLICK & SEE

Playing ‘Gears of War‘, ‘Lost Planet‘, ‘Halo‘ and other action video games can improve eyesight, say Daphne Bevelier of the University of Rochester and other researchers who conducted tests on 10 male college students.

The students started out as non-gamers and then received 30 hours of training on first-person shooter action video games, reports the online edition of FOX News.

The participants showed a substantial increase in their ability to see objects accurately in a cluttered space compared to 10 non-gamers given the same test.

Most aspects of vision have to do with the size of one’s eye and the thickness and shape of the cornea and lens. But some visual defects are neural in nature, said Bevelier, author of the latest study on vision and video games.

Source:The Times Of India

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