Janusirasana (Yoga Exercise)


1. It keeps the liver healthy and
ensures that it functions

2. It cures stomach disorders and
secrete digestive juices apart
from stimulating the solar plexus.


1. Those suffering from cervical
pain should practise this asana
with the head straight. Those
with lumbar pain should avoid
this asana.

How to do the exercise:  …....CLICK & SEE THE PICTURES

1. Sit straight with both legs stretched in front.

2. Now bend the left leg, bring your heel to the groin and touch
the right thigh with your foot. Keep hands on your lap.
Keep your hands straight on the respective knees.

3. Now, breathe out, bend forward and stretch your hands to
touch your right toe.

4. Your head should touch the right knee. Initially, if you find it
difficult, hold the lower end of your foot and bend your head.

5. Once you get used to the posture try doing it the right way.
Sit straight, breathe normally and stay in this position for six

6. Repeat this with the other side. The entire sequence comprises
one time. Repeat four times.

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