Anti-Rheumatic Yoga Exercises

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How to practice the Yoga Exercises:-

Base Position:

1.Sit with the legs outstretched.

2.Place the palms of the hands on the floor to the sides and just behind the buttocks.

3.The back, neck and head should be straight.

4.Straighten the elbows.

5.Lean back slightly, taking the support of the arms.

6.Close the yes and relax the whole body in this position.

Toe Bending:

1.Sit in the base position with the legs outstretched and the feet slightly apart. Place the hands beside and slightly behind the buttocks.

2.Lean backs a little, using the arms to support the back.

3.Keep the spine as straight as possible.

4.Be aware of the toes. Move the toes of both feet slowly backward and forward, keeping the feet upright and the ankles relaxed and motionless.

5.Hold each position for a few seconds.

6.Repeat 10 times.



Inhale as the toes move backward. Exhale as the toes move forward.


On the breath, mental counting and the stretching sensation produced by the movement.

Ankle Bending:

1.Remain in the base position. Keep the feet slightly apart.

2.Slowly move both feet backward and forward, bending them from the ankle joints. Try to stretch the feet forward to touch the floor and then draw them back towards the knees. Hold each position for a few seconds.

3.Repeat 10 times.


Inhale as the feet move backward. Exhale as the feet move forward.


On the breath, mental counting and the stretch in the foot, ankle, calf and leg muscles or joints.

Ankle rotation:

1.Remain in the base position.

2.Separate the legs a little keeping them straight. Keep the heels on the ground throughout the practice.

3.Slowly rotate the right foot clockwise from the ankle 10 times and then repeat 10 times anti-clockwise. Repeat the same procedure with the left foot.

4.Place the feet together.

5.Slowly rotate both feet together in the same direction,

6.Keeping them in contact with each other. Do not allow the knees to move.

7.Practice 10 times clock and 10 times anti- clockwise.

8.Keep the feet separated.

9.Slowly rotate both feet from the ankles together but in opposite directions.

10.The big toes should touch each other on the inward store of each foot.

11.Do 10 rotations in one directions in one direction and then 10 rotations in the opposite direction.


Inhale on the upward movement. Exhale on the downward movement.


On the breath, mental counting and rotation

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