Shoulder Socket Rotation (Yoga Exercise)


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This yoga Exercise has two variations. You can practice this as below:


Variation I:

Remain in comfortable siting position or comfortable cross legged pose.

Keep spinal chord and the neck straight.

Keep your eyes open.

Breathe slow and rhythmic.

Stretch forward your arms to shoulder level.

Keep the palms straight and open towards the ceiling with straight fingers.

Bend both the elbows and stretch the palms face ward.

Try to touch the shoulder with your palms.

At this hour the palm should be shoulder ward.

Keeping the fingers on your shoulder rotate the hand in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Do this exercise ten times.

Now straighten your hand at the elbow.

Repeat this ten times.

Bring back the hands in original position.

Variation II:

Remain in comfortable siting pose with your neck and spine straight.

Out stretch your both hands sideways at shoulder level keeping the palm-ceiling ward.

Bend your elbows and touch the shoulder with your fingers.

Keeping the fingers on the shoulder rotate both the hands in circular and anti-circular motion.

Then place your hands back in the original position.

Repeat this ten times.

Inhale and stretch your arms then exhale and bend your elbows.

Focus on the arms and elbows.

Now get back in the primary position.

Breathing Pattern:

Inhale during the upward movement.

Exhale during the downward movement.


On the breathing.

Mental counting.

The rotation of hip joints.


Flexibility to the joint.

Removes the muscle strain.

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