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Marijuana Linked To Mental Health

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Marijuana and Depression.
Marijuana and Suicidal Thoughts.
Marijuana and Schizophrenia.


Take Tour of Teen Brain
As parents and caregivers, you probably don’t think about the ways in which marijuana is linked to mental health problems … but it is. New research is giving us better insight into the serious consequences of teen marijuana use, especially how it impacts mental health.

Your immediate question may be, How can I tell if my son or daughter is experiencing mental health problems due to marijuana use?” It is often difficult for parents to know the difference between emerging mental health problems and typical teen mood swings or shifts in attitudes. It is normal to see temper outbursts, changes in sleeping habits and changes in hobbies in your teen. However, there are a number of ways to assess whether or not your child is having psychological problems related to marijuana use.

Be attentive. You can look for signs of depression, withdrawal, carelessness with their grooming habits, or hostility.

Drop in grades. Ask yourself: Is your child no longer doing well in school, getting along with friends, taking part in sports or other activities? If there have been marked changes in your teen’s activities, it’s time for YOU to do some more homework.

Look for evidence. Have you found drug paraphernalia such as pipes, rolling papers, and so on? Are you missing prescription drugs—especially narcotics and mood stabilizers; and bottles of eye drops, which mask bloodshot eyes?

If you have more questions about marijuana and mental health, visit’s “Ask the Expert” with Dr. Marc Galanter for a list of frequently asked questions about this topic.

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