Vrikshasana(Yoga Exercise)


Posture : Vriksha means tree . A tree is always in a standing position, remains stable and grows upward. The similar process is involved in this asana(exercise) and hence it is called Vrikshasana.
Pre position : Standing Position.

How to do the exercise:

1. Exhale and inhailing take both the arms up above the head from the sides and join the palms at the top.
2. Lift the heels and stand on the toes and pull the whole body upward. Continue smooth breathing.

Position :
Except the toes, the whole body right from the heels to the fingers of the hands, is stretched upward. Pull the hands upward as much as possible. The more the body is kept stretched, the more it is possible to keep the balance. Keeping the legs stable, one should pull the body upward, thinking that he is being pulled up by some force. Taking the asana position continue smooth breathing, and keep the sight and the mind fixed, as looking here and there will disturb the balance of the body.
1. Inhale, and exhailing bring both the hands down from the sides.
2. Bring the heels on the floor and take up standing position.

Duration : As this asana(exercise) involves balancing, it is enough to maintain it for one minute. To have certain special results, one should increase this duration to three minutes.
Internal Effects In this asana(exercise) all the muscles are stretched in one direction at one time and then relaxed. This process helps to remove all the strains. The muscles get rest and relaxation and even the earlier strains caused by other asanas get removed.
Precaution : The asana being simple there is nothing to bother. However, while stretching the body upward, one should take care to maintain the balance.

Reference Book:- Yoga Pravesh

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