Shavasana(Total Body Rest)

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Posture : Motionless & fixed but relaxed posture like dead body.
Pre position : Supine Position.
Use Generally practiced to get rid of fatigue, strain, exertion etc.


How to do the Asana(Exercise):
1. Spread both the legs and keep them at a distance of 1 or 1.5 feet apart. Keep the heels facing inside and allow the toes to fall outside and relax them.
2. Take both the hands little away, say 3 to 4 inches, from the body and relax them. Keep the palms facing the roof and the fingers half – closed.
3. Turn the neck to any side and relax it. Further, relax the muscles of the face. Keep the eyes closed with ease and without pressure. Continue extremely slow breathing.

Position : The very aim of this asana is to relax each and every muscle in the body. In order to reach or attain this aim it becomes necessary to take the position in which one finds all the organs of the body in a comfortable and soothing state. Breathing must be slowed down.
Releasing : First one should prepare one’s mind for releasing the Asana. Then all the organs should be brought to their normal tone, and then after preparing first the mind, then the body and then the asana be released as under:-

1. Open the eyes and straighten the neck.
2. Get the hands beside and near to the body.
3. Bring both the legs together and take the Supine Position.

Duration: Since this asana is meant for rest, its duration is not fixed. The only principle to remember is to do this asana when the body is tired and release when the desired rest is achieved.
Benefits: Body movements are minimized, blood circulation is also minimized, heart rate drops, respiration drops, mind becomes calm and relaxed. This helps improve the functioning of brain, it can cure heart related ailments, it also brings down Blood Pressure.
Do’s & Don’ts Do’s
– Keep 1 to 1.5 feet distance between the feet.
– Hands 5 to 8 inches away from the body.
– Neck turned to any suitable direction or straight but relaxed.
– Keep your eyes closed.
– Try relaxing all the parts of the body.

– Do not wear tight clothes.
– Do not sleep in the asana.

Reference Book:- Yoga Sopan

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