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Working With Our Insect Neighbors

The Insect Kingdom
A change of season may bring about a change in the insect activity in and around your home. Rather than heading for the fly swatter or bug spray or calling the exterminator, try working with the insect kingdom rather than fighting it. Making this choice on a conscious level puts you in touch with nature, allowing you to create harmony within your ecosystem.

Insects “bug” us for shelter, water, or food, but they can also come into our lives to bring us a message. Though many cultures have decided what insects represent to them, you may be able to decipher their message just by thinking about their attributes. For example, bees may be telling you to communicate psychically with your family or to spread your talents like pollen. Their buzzing could be warning you about someone who could sting you or reminding you to stop and smell the flowers. Once you get their message, they may leave on their own. But if they don’t, you may want to spend a few days patiently inviting them to leave. In meditation or aloud, explain that this is your home and that the insect world is outdoors. While you understand their hunger and thirst, you will provide them with a designated place outside. Be sure to offer them appropriate food and make a commitment to replenish the supply regularly. You can even make a ceremony of it: Choose a time such as suns! et every Sunday, or every full moon, then create a line of demarcation around your home with sage or by sprinkling some herbs before giving your offering. This serves the dual purpose of keeping your bargain with your insect neighbors and keeping you in sync with nature’s cycles.

As we make the decision to respect nature, whether inside our homes, outside enjoying a picnic, or while gardening, we acknowledge that we all share the earth and need each other for our mutual survival. As we work together, we learn how to live in harmony with all living beings.

Source:Daily Om

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