Parvatasana (Yoga Exercise)

Posture: The body is stretched to look like a mountain peak and so it is called the Parvatasana: (parvat means mountain in Sanskrit).
Pre position : Sitting Position: Padmasana


How to perform :

1. Take both the hands forward and lock the fingers of both the hands together.
2. Take the hands over the head and turn the palms downside up facing the roof. Stretch the body upwards with the arms stretched towards the sky.
3. Stabilize the position and continue normal breathing.

Position: In this asana stretching of the body is important but body is not actually lifted.


1. Relax the body and bring the hands as in position 1 in figure above.
2. Take the position as in Padmasana.
3. Straighten the left leg in the knee then straighten right leg.
4. Get both the legs together, take the sitting posture.

Duration : You can maintain this asana for long time without any problem.
Benefits: Stretching the arm, back and abdominal muscles improves the functioning of theses parts of the body. This helps cure certain problems of spinal column & cord.
Precaution : This asana(exercise) is very simple and anyone can practice.

Reference Book:- Yoga Pravesh

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