Homeopathy – The Higher Purposes of our Existence

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When we experience a state of perfect health our bodies do not cry out for help through the expression of symptoms, nor do our thoughts and emotions weigh us down with negativity. Our experience becomes one of pure joy in the perfect pleasure of being. This is the optimal state for us to carry out our life-purpose unhampered by the restraints of ill-health. It is our true inheritance to achieve this state which then allows for spirit to shine through us and guide us on our path. Achieving this state of health and harmony removes many obstacles to the recognition of our true selves, and with this recognition comes a sense of connection to something greater. It gives new meaning to our lives and transforms the routine of daily living into a grand adventure.

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How can homeopathy help us to get in touch with spirit and assist in our personal evolution? Symptoms carry the clues to restoring balance and reconnecting with spirit. Homeopathy asserts that symptoms are actually expressions of the life force attempting to correct the imbalance, which is essentially dynamic in nature. Rather than seeking to oppose these symptoms through suppressive treatment, nature is encouraged in its struggle to overcome the diseased state and the organism is stimulated to increase its reaction by a remedy capable of strengthening the healing response. The increased stimulus allows the life energy to react more powerfully and overcome the disease.
Gently stimulating the life energy in this way tunes up the organism like the living, healthy instrument that it is capable of being. It is a refinement of the life force which then resonates on higher frequencies. These refined
frequencies resonate with and attract impulses from spirit which enhance per sonal awareness and growth.

Homeopathy does not take the place of doing your own inner work. It does, however, prepare the bodily temple by re balancing energies and fine-tuning the organism to such a degree as to render the path to total consciousness free of physical, emotional and mental obstacles.

Homeopathy is the only western medical system that recognizes the existence of the ‘spirit-like life force’ and its true significance in health and disease states. It is known that disease is primarily a dynamic, or energetic disturbance. It is known that symptoms are the organism’s reaction to the disturbance in an attempt to heal itself and restore balance. It is also known that left to its own devices in chronic disease states, the organism is a
somewhat inefficient healer.

Intervention is usually necessary to resolve the  situation. If there is a need for intervention, it should be as safe, gentle  and effective as possible using the least amount of remedial substance to effect a healing response. There is no better, more efficient method than homeopathy to achieve the desired result.

What is homeopathy?
As homeopathic remedies are person specific, and doses are generally small, the Society of Homeopaths said the protesters should not have any reaction to their overdoses, unless somebody had symptoms linked to their remedy.

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine. It was first proposed by Samual Hahnemann (1755 – 1843), a German physician in 1796. He proposed that patients could be treated with heavily diluted preparations of products which are thought to cause effects similar to their signs and symptoms.

Homeopathic medications are prepared by succession – a form of serial dilution with shaking by forceful striking after each dilution. It is assumed that this process makes the treatment more effective. The whole process is called potentization. Sometimes dilution continues until there is none of the original substance left.

Homeopaths use aspects of the patient’s physical and psychological state, as well as their symptoms when recommending remedies. Repertories (reference books) are consulted and a remedy is selected.

In the vast majority of cases homeopathic remedies are considered as safe. There have been some cases of arsenic toxicity. Although most homeopaths work alongside mainstream medicine, there have been cases where patients have been advised not to take proven treatments for some serious diseases (Malaria Advice Risks Lives, BBC).

Homeopathic treatments are recognized by the National Health Service (NHS), UK, which spends billions each year on it.

Difference between alternative medicine and orthodox medicine:-
There are many interpretations. Put simply, orthodox treatments/medicine has been proven through well organized clinical trials, in which the treatment is compared with either another medication or a placebo (or both). Alternative medicines have not been proven, either because trials found no difference compared to a placebo, or proper trials have not yet been carried out.

Imagine that people claimed that placing a flag at the bottom of the garden helped get rid of flu faster – until proven, this would be an alternative treatment. However, if a proper clinical trial were carried out with a large group of people in several centers, comparing the use of the flag with a placebo, and it was found that the flag was significantly more effective and did not have serious side-effects, the flag treatment would become orthodox medicine as soon as the authorities studied the results of the trials and approved its use.

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