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Tips For Parents Of Teens

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The end of the school year is upon us, which often means parties and play. The likelihood that drugs and alcohol will be at a high school party is relatively high. Eighty percent (80%) of parents believe that alcohol and marijuana are usually not available at parties their teens attend. But the reality is sobering: 50 percent of teen party goers attend parties where alcohol, drugs  or both  are available.

While your teen probably won’t let you tag along to a party, there are some things you can discuss with him before he heads out. Here are a few suggestions about how you can help your teen safely transition into the summer months.

Ask Questions. Find out where your teen will be, whether or not the party will be supervised by responsible adults, the contact information of the adults who will be supervising, other friends who will be there, and so on.

Contact the Adults in Charge. Some parents feel uncomfortable doing this, but it’s an important step to ensure that your teen will be supervised by a responsible adult during the event. If you don’t feel comfortable with the situation, avoid feeling obligated to let your child go. Remember, you are the parent.

Establish Rules. Make sure your teen clearly understands that she is not allowed to use drugs or alcohol. Tell her the consequences. Establish a curfew, and be clear about what will happen if she doesn’t arrive on time. If your teen is driving, ask her to call home before leaving the event so that you can know she Is on her way.

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Using prescription medications to party has become a popular thing to do. In fact, many teens are under the false impression that they can get a safe high and party longer by using these types of drugs. Before your teen goes out, double-check your medicine cabinets.For more knowledge click here.

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