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Don’t smoke, it’s no longer sexy

AHMEDABAD: Gone are the days when girls swooned over that Clint Eastwood look — a half-burnt cigarette casually dangling from the lips. GenNext girls have virtually given the thumbs down to smokers. And men too are giving up the habit for various reasons.

Sejal Dodya, a 21-year old student, says, “I have always looked down on smokers. If people think it is a fashion statement, they are mistaken.” Devika Shah, 21, says, “I hate the smell of tobacco. And I don’t want to be a passive smoker either.” Devika is also determined to marry a non-smoker.

Young men, however, beg to differ. Hardik Varia, 23, an event manager, says, “Most of my friends who smoke, do it because they think it’s cool. Besides, accessories like Zippo lighters and leather pouches add to the style. But many are now trying to quit.”

Deep Kumar (name changed), a fourth year engineering student, says, “I come from a spiritually-inclined family. During my first two years in college, I avoided smoking as I thought it was morally wrong.” But one year back, Kumar got hooked to smoking, dope and alcohol. “My studies were affected. I was a badminton player, but my stamina was ruined and I lost tournaments. Now I have quit everything, but smoking,” he says.

Most youth begin smoking late in their teens and as they age, their excuses for smoking too undergo a change. Workaholic executives find cigarettes a stressbuster. Jitesh Mehta, 27, a corporate sales executive, however, says this is a myth. “My father was a chain smoker and I have hated smoking. There are better stress-busters like making phone calls to a friend or taking a stroll,” says Mehta. Now, with cigarettes under threat, substitutes like hookahs are more popular. Kunal Bharadwaj, 21, says, “I started smoking in class 11, but lost a lot of stamina. I have quit smoking but use hookahs.”

Source:The Times Of India

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