Vakrasana -2(Yoga Exercise)

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This Asana (Yoga Exercise) is designed to twist the spine to the right and left side in from its erect position. The spine is made up of highly elastic joints and can be moved to any direction.
Pre position: Sitting Position.


How to do the Exercise:

1. Bend the left leg in the knee and place its heel near the thigh. Keep the sole of the left foot flat on the floor and the thigh and knee touching to the chest.
2. Place the left hand in front of the right hand in such a way that the fingers of both the palms face each other and the palms remain flat on the floor.
3. Now turn the neck and the trunk to the right, twisting the spine and look back above the shoulder. Continue smooth breathing.


1. In this Asana the spine is to be kept straight.
2. The lower end of the spine and both the hips be placed well on the floor and stabilize them.
3. Then with the support of the neck and shoulders twist the upper vertebrae to the right. At the same time, the standing knee be kept close to the chest.
4. Alongwith the neck, the sight should also be turned to the right side and stabilize it in that direction.


1. Turn the neck to the front.
2. Restore the hand to its place.
3. Straighten the left leg and take the sitting position.

Note: Following the above mentioned process, practice this Asana placing the right leg in folding position.
Duration: This Asana should be retained for minimum two minutes on each side. With more practice this duration can be increased to six minutes.

Benefits: The elasticity of the spine increases as it gets twisted in its erect position. Along with the spine the belly and other internal organs also get twisted and receive the desired strain. It also has very good effect on the spinal cord and its functioning is improved.It improves digestive system too.

Precaution : One should avoid the temptation of attaining the ideal position if strain is unbearable.

Reference Book:- Yoga Pravesh

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