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Omega-3 fatty acids For Heart Disease

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Learn the numerous benefits of fish oil for good cardiovascular health.
Consider, for a moment, the Eskimos of Alaska and their indigenous cousins in Canada and Russia. These hardy souls survive on diets of nearly pure fat, and yet they tend to be completely free of heart disease. How in the world is this possible? The answer is fish oil….click & see

Every medical journal on heart health brings, it seems, another study demonstrating the cardiovascular benefits of the oil — specifically, its omega-3 fatty acids, a type of polyunsaturated fat found in few foods other than fish and flaxseed. A primary reason it’s so healthy: omega-3s are a natural anti-inflammatory. In recent years, scientists have discovered that inflammation within our arteries — triggered in response to damage done by plaque, high blood pressure, and free radicals — is a major cause of heart disease. While inflammation is a healing response, in your blood vessels it only causes further damage, leaving them stiffer and working at far less then optimal capacity. Omega-3s cause this type of inflammation to recede.

There’s more. Omega-3 fatty acids also seem to make blood less sticky so it’s less likely to form clots that can block blood flow and trigger a heart attack. They also seem to affect heart rhythm, keeping it more regular and reducing your risk of sudden death caused by arrhythmia, or erratic heartbeat, a major cause of death from coronary artery disease. And they lower levels of triglycerides, blood fats linked with heart disease.

Bottom line: Get more omega-3 fatty acids into your body, either through foods or supplements. Plus, here are the fish with the largest amounts of this crucial nutrient (amounts are per 3.5 ounces of fish):

Mackerel: 2.6 grams

Atlantic herring: 1.7 grams

Chinook salmon: 1.5 grams

Fresh albacore tuna: 1.5 grams

Anchovies: 1.4 grams

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