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Diabetics should do more household chores

Commenting on the research that diabetes is associated with decreases in life expectancy, as well an increased risk of developing heart disease, Dr Anoop Mishra from Fortis Hospitals said, “This study is unique. It was believed that those diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 25-30 years lost 10 years from their expected lifespan, while it stood at seven years for diabetics aged 40-50 years.

Those diagnosed with diabetes between 50 and 60 years lose about five years. The longer the duration of diabetes, the faster is the ageing and degeneration process. But this study pinpoints the number of years lost, which makes it highly interesting.”

Franco said, “Having diabetes at 50 years and over increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and mortality.”

Experts say that diabetics should participate more in household chores like ironing, washing dishes, gardening, rinsing clothes — light exercises that barely affect the heart rate but are vigorous enough to help control blood glucose levels.

According to them, reducing the time spent idling was vital in diabetes management. Mishra added, “Physical activity in leisure time is extremely important in diabetes management. We advise diabetics to spend 150 minutes of leisure time per week in physical activity. That may involve gardening, walking to the shops rather than ordering home delivery or morning walks.

About 300 minutes of leisure-time physical activity per week also helps in losing weight, as well as in blood sugar management.”

Source: The Times Of India

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