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Learning Something New
The talents that intrigue us the most oftentimes seem to exist just outside the reach of our grasp, even though we are all capable of mastering new crafts and skills. Life has a tendency to intervene in humanity’s best-laid plans, and it is easy to sacrifice a dream when facing unrelated obligations. We may also feel that we are too set in our ways to absorb fresh skills or that doing so would ultimately prove a valueless undertaking. However, learning is, first and foremost, an endeavor of the mind. To learn, we must legitimately believe we can learn and that the abilities we gain as a result will serve to enrich our lives. Once we do, we discover that education and practice inspire us and awaken us to a whole new range of possibilities.

When you challenge yourself by committing to master a new pursuit, you affirm your belief that neither chronology nor fear need be an impediment to growth. You comprehend the value of learning—the interest it adds to your day-to-day experiences and the creativity it inspires within you. Being a beginner can be hard, and you may find yourself tempted to give up, but try not to let yourself become self-conscious. If you are revisiting an activity you enjoyed in childhood, you may take in information more slowly than you once did or you may pick it up again like it was yesterday.The simple fact that you are pursuing a path because you want to means that your determination will give you the strength to cope with any difficulties. Your ability to work toward an aim will be heightened by your sincere desire to grow as an individual.

Try learning something new this week. What have you always wanted to do? Take a dance class, learn to sail, knit a sweater, sculpt—whatever you choose, your life will be enriched with fun, new friends and the pride of trying something new.

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