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Pumpkin helps prevent cancer

PENANG: Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) which discovered that the humble cempedak can cure diabetes has done it again, this time with the pumpkin which can control activation of cancer cells.

The Technology Industry Department lecturer Noor Aziah Abdul Aziz said the pumpkin flour contains resistance starch to produce propionic acid.

“The acid causes the starch to remain indigestible thus fermenting the bacteria and weakening the cancer cells. It changes the oxidation process,” she told reporters after receiving the gold medal in conjunction with USM’s participation at the Malaysian Technology Expo on March 29.

Noor Aziah had conducted numerous research on the nutritional properties of local fruits including that of the cempedak as a cure for diabetes because of its insulin content.

Other than containing resistance starch which can weaken cancer cells, the pumpkin has high fibre content, natural colour suitable for bread or noodle and contain vitamin A, anti-oxidant and minerals.

She said the flesh of the pumpkin is dried and then mixed with wheat flour and processed into multi-purpose flour.

“I am also studying the use of the skin and seed of pumpkin in the flour. The pumpkin flour has no fruit taste and can be consumed by anyone,” she added.

Source:The Times Of India

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