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Four Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Up to 90 percent of high blood pressure cases are thought to be caused by lifestyle habits that constrict blood vessels.

When your blood vessels are constricted tightly, your heart must work much harder to keep your blood flowing, hence the higher blood pressure.

Increasing a compound in your blood known as nitric monoxide can help to open constricted blood vessels and lower your blood pressure. Four ways to increase nitric monoxide in your blood are:

Aerobic exercise
Taking a warm bath
Breathing in and out through one nostril (by closing the other nostril and your mouth)-Pranayama
Eating bitter melon, which is rich in amino acids and vitamin C

Insulin is a major reason that high blood pressure persists. Most hypertensive patients have insulin receptors that are blunted; they don’t work very well anymore. Therefore, the body needs to generate more insulin to get them to work.

This can lead to devastating consequences, as excessive insulin will cause serious complications — far more so than blood sugar — and is one of the prime causes of complications from high blood pressure and diabetes.

So the first step is to eliminate most grains and all sweets from your diet until your blood pressure and weight normalize; sugars and grains only tend to make your insulin levels remain elevated. Another way to lower your insulin levels would be to use exercise wisely. Most overweight hypertensive patients require a very comprehensive set of aerobic and anaerobic relatively intense exercise.

Changing one’s diet and exercise will normalize blood pressure in over 85 percent of people. However, there are clearly some individuals where unresolved current or past stresses are the primary culprit in high blood pressure. Additionally, many individuals are unable to make the lifestyle changes necessary to normalizing their blood pressure because of emotional self-sabotaging behavior.

This is where energy psychology tools are absolutely invaluable. We use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in our office — it’s a simple tool that can help you in this area. Many people initially are skeptical about EFT because it is so different than other treatments, but it is clearly one of the most helpful tools .


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