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Botanical Name: Pergularia Extensa.
Indian Name: Uttran or Sadorani


Description:Pergularia growing widely along the road sides of India. It has been used in folk medicine for the treatment of liver disorders. It is perennial ,small twining herb, has hairy stems with milky juice and broad,egg-shaped leaves.It has greenish yellow or dull white small flowers in tiny clusters and fruits in pairs are covered with spinous out growths. The entire plant constitutes the drug and is used in medicine.It contains bitter resin and a glucoside possessing physiological action similar to pituitrin and several sterols.


Medicinal Uses:

Respiratory disorders:
Pergularia is pungent ,antibilious and laxative. It promotes the removal of catarrhal matter and phelgm from the bronchial tubes. It is highly beneficial in the treatment of Asthma.The juicw extracted from the leaves is used as an expetorant in catarrhal diseases A decoction of its leaves is given in calf and cold as an expectorant.It is useful in releaving fever and inducing vomiting.The active principles of pergularia resemble pituitrin in their action.

Bleeding piles: The herb is benweficial in the treatment of bleeding piles, intestinal worms,and several other skin disorders. A mixture of leaf juice and salked lime can be applied to rheumatic swellings,hard tumours and cysts.A polutice of the leaves can be applied to carbuncles with beneficial effect.

Pergularia forms a constituent of a perparation used in rheumatism. The extracted juice from its leaves can be given mixed with juice of fresh gingerin the treatment.The root bark in useful in the treatment of rheumatism It should be given with milk.The bark mixed with cow’s milk can be used benefically as a pergative.

Woman’s ailments: It is an uterine tonic.It is beneficial in excessive uterine bleeding. The drug forms a constituents of a preparation given in abnormal suppression of menses..

Intestinal worms: The drug possesses  anthelmintic  properties and finds its use in removing intestinal worms . The leaves of the plant fried in ghee should be taken for few days for good results.

Other uses: The drug hasw diuretic properities. It is useful in painful discharge of urine in droplets. The juice extracted from the leaves can be given to treat diarrhoea among children.

The information presented herein is intended for educational purposes only. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

Source:Miracle of Herbs

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