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Playing bagpipe cures Scot of asthma

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LONDON: Playing music on the bagpipes has helped cure a teenager Scot of severe asthma.

Fifteen-year-old David Armour’s sufferings from the disease were such that he had to give up sports and physical education lessons at school. His mother Janet had read somewhere about the benefits of playing wind instruments to people with breathing problems, and she recommended David play one.

Being a proud Glasgow-born Scot, David and his father chose the pipes for the purpose of battling asthma. Janet says that her son’s condition has improved dramatically within weeks, and he has become an accomplished piper.
“He wheezed all the time and could not do any exercise,” the Scotsman quoted her as saying. “The change since he started the bagpipes has been remarkable. His asthma has vanished,” she added.

David is also happy that he can now again participate in sports, and take physical education lessons. “I feel great now that I can do sports and PE,” he said.

Source:The Times Of India

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