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Drinking Beer Might Be Good For You

You think beer is meant only for big guys with big bellies? After all, what does it give you other than hangovers and endless burps? Lots of health benefits!

You think I’m kidding? Reports prove that wine and beer have the same health benefits, rather beer leads the way. Noted wine connoisseur Jim Anderson stated in American journal Nutrition Correspondent , “When you compare the raw ingredients that go into wine and beer, you’ll find that wine, on one hand, is made purely from grapes, water and yeast. Grapes are a fine source of sugars, fiber and chromium, but few of those things survive the fermentation and filtering process. Yeast has loads of complex B vitamins, but again, they do not appear in the final product due to filtering.”

Thumbs up for beer, which, on the other hand, is made from grains, water and yeast. Grains commonly used are barley, wheat, corn and rice, all of which are loaded with a variety of vitamins that survive the fermentation and filtering process. What’s more, beer contains the same amount of ‘polyphenols’ – antioxidants – as red wine and 4-5 times as many polyphenols as white wine. Fill that mug before you go any further, for there’s more to rejoice about!

Source:The Times Of India

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