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Pot and the Teen Brain

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Today’s teens are smoking a more potent form of marijuana and starting to use at increasingly younger agesĀ  during crucial brain development years

.1 There is plenty of evidence indicating the ways pot impedes, even changes, the mental health of adolescents. In fact, changes in the brain due to marijuana use are similar to those caused by cocaine, heroin and alcohol.

2 The overall impact that marijuana has on the brain can have long-term consequences.

This is where YOU come in. The first step in being able to discuss the dangers of marijuana with your teen is knowing the facts. To better understand how marijuana affects the different regions of the brain, read on!

Find out how marijuana affects a developing teen brain. Take virtual tour>>

Updated Report!
New research continues to find links between marijuana use and mental health problems, such as depression, suicidal thoughts and schizophrenia. In fact, the most recent studies are making a stronger case for the causal link between marijuana and psychiatric symptoms, particularly schizophrenia.

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