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Health benefits of green tea.

Green Tea

The Chinese were the first people to realise the properties and benefits of green tea. It was only later that tea came to be treated as a beverage.

Research has provided hard-core evidence of the health benefits of green tea. Green tea is loaded with catechin polyphenols, especially epigallocatecchin gallate, which is commonly referred to as EGCG.

In addition to being a wonderful anti oxidant it also destroys malignant cancer cells leaving healthy tissue untouched.

Black tea, oolong tea and green tea have the same origin-The camellia sinenisi plant, but green tea earns its reputation because the EGCG in it remains unoxidized and unfermented. In the other two kinds of tea, EGCG is changed into different compounds and the medicinal effect is diluted.

Green tea is often spoken of in the context of cardiovascular disease. It helps to lower LDL cholesterol, which is responsible for the formation of blood clots and thus reduces the risks of stroke and heart attacks.

It is in fact as effective as aspirin in preventing platelets from clotting and greatly reduces levels of thromboxane, which is the villain in causing blood clots. It also promotes the production of HDL and does away with plaque present in the arteries.

Source: The Times Of India

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