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Soap For Your Skin Type

How to choose the right soap for different skin types.
Are soaps with high pH level harmful?
The skin’s pH level is a major factor contributing to skin problems. The normal pH is slightly acidic, maintained between 4.5 and 5.5, a level at which bacteria like the propionibacterium acnes on the skin surface have minimal activity.
However, any change in alkaline pH levels causes infection. Ordinary commercial soaps have pH levels between nine to 11, which increases the skin pH level leading to problems.

How is one soap different from the other?
The original objective of soap still remains to keep skin dirt and germ free. But in recent years, there has been a plethora of soap brands in the market.
Though most soap brands use the same fundamental ingredients consisting of a fat and an alkali, the basic formula is modified to create thousands of products .
Some soaps help to moisturise dry skin, others aid in maintaining oily skin, and there are some that are designed to make bath time pleasurable .

How can one choose the right soap to suit their skin type?
People with dry skin hardly have any secretion of natural skin oils and should opt for superfatted and emollientrich soaps like Dove or Olay.
Natural soaps that contain aloe vera, cocoa butter, avocado or vegetable oils are best for dry skin. On the other hand, people with oily skin should use antibacterial soaps or specific face cleansers.
Soaps containing lavender, chamomile and thyme are very effective for oily skin. Glycerin-based soaps like Pears suits people with a combination skin type.

Are medicated soaps good for the skin?
Medicated soaps are specially designed to prevent and treat skin infections. These soaps contain antiseptic agents which can clean, disinfect and deodorise the skin.
Medicated soaps that contain sulphur or salicylic acid are usually recommended for widespread fungal infections. Certain soaps with exfoliating properties are prescribed for skin problems like acne and pigmentation .
Other soaps with Vitamin E, jojoba oil are good for dry skin diseases like ichthyosis, eczema and psoriasis. The right soap and a right skin care regimen helps prevent skin problems.

Source:The Times Of India

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