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For Soft And Young Skin

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Five minutes everyday is all it takes to pamper your skin, and keep it looking soft and young.

Work , stress, party nights, harried mornings , pollution, sun, dust – Every minute of the day your skin faces these challenges . Is it not fair on the skin’s part to demand a little of your time? Five minutes everyday is all it takes to pamper your skin, and keep it looking soft and young.

For dark circles
Rose water helps get rid of these. You could also prepare some warm tea, dip a piece of cotton in it, and place it on your eyes. Change it thrice. Apply some eye gel as it helps keep the area moist.

For dryness
Excess makeup tends to make your skin dry and lifeless. A deep cleansing cream takes away all the dirt and pollution. You can also massage your face with almond oil along with a drop of essential oil like jasmine. Parties in air-conditioned rooms cause this problem too. For the skin to retain its natural glow, it’s essential that you spray some rose water on your face and apply a lot of moisturiser.

For dull skin
Clean your face with a NH exfoliator. Scrub your skin well; exfoliate dead skin. Splash drinking soda on your face, apply a moisturiser and then do makeup. Once a week, apply a face pack.

For acne & pimples
Not everyone has the right skin to handle copious amounts of make-up , and the sweetmeat indulgence doesn’t help either. Control skin break-outs by applying water based makeup and use a gel based moisturiser. Use a good cleansing face wash, a medicated toner and non-alcoholic toner.

Finally, remove your makeup before you go to bed. Apply a cleansing cream and wipe off with a damp cloth. Use a good face wash followed by a toner. And, while you sleep, your skin will do the rest of the work, so that you wake up with a glow in the morning.

Source: The Times Of India

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