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Facial yoga is the latest way to get back that glow on your face.

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Indulge in facial contortions, they will firm up your face

Do you love making faces? Then you are on the road to radiant health, as a whole new system of yoga, called facial yoga, is presently considered a panacea for all facial blemishes. And, believe it or not, it just involves making faces!……...CLICK & SEE

How does facial yoga work? It helps in tightening the facial muscles and helps in blood circulation. Prem Sharma, a technical executive, who regularly practises this yoga can’t stop going ga-ga about it. My dark circles have reduced to a great extent, and I feel young too,” he says.

What kind of facial yoga does he practice?  Facial go for Kapalbhatti and pranayam as I have been instructed by my yoga teacher to do my facial exercises daily.

According to Preeti Shinde, a software professional, facial yoga is easy to practice and can be done anywhere. Says she, “I got tips on facial yoga from one of my friends who is a yoga teacher, and it has helped me a lot.” Whenever she feels stressed out or is tense, she immediately rushes to a corner or to a balcony in her office and indulges in facial contortions. It is funny but it works wonders, she adds.

Fascinating, is not it? Thirty-five year old homemaker, Ashwini Mohite, desperately wanted to get rid of her wrinkles and dark circles by getting a botox treatment done, but instead went for facial yoga. “I practice it whenever I can, while cooking or even gardening. It has helped to reduce my wrinkles,” she says happily.

But, Shobha Naik, an Art of Living expert, feels that facial yoga is a gimmick and an insult to the holistic yoga. “Yoga is related to the mind and brings about a sense of peace and calm. It cannot be restricted to just one part of the body. Moreover, yoga is something to do with the inner self. How can you concentrate on just one part of the body?” he asks.

Dr Unkule, however, says that facial yoga does help in maintaining the emotional and physiological balance, and keeps the mind calm as well. Since it is important to be healthy, everyone in the 18-60 age group, should practice it, .. he says. Other than facial expressions, Dr Unkule recommends other asanas for keeping one’s skin healthy and rejuvenating. Kapalbhatti, Pranayam, Sarvangasan, Shirsasan, Dhanurasan and Salabhasan are some of the asanas that can do a lot for your face, says he.

So, the next time you see people making faces at you, do not take it personally. For all you know, they might be performing facial yoga to get back that glow on their face.

Source:The Times of India

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