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Anti-Aging the Natural Way

Americans go to great lengths to reduce the signs of aging. But risky surgeries and synthetic injections are not the answer. What is? Good old-fashioned exercise.

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A recent study in PLoS One evaluated the effects of six months of strength
training in volunteers aged 65 or older. Researchers compared thigh-muscle cells
from the seniors with cells from volunteers in their 20s. At the end of the
six-month period, researchers discovered not only a 50 percent increase in
strength and higher energy in the seniors, but also dramatic changes at the
genetic level.

It doesn’t take working out five days a week to get these results. The seniors
performed one hour of strength training twice a week for six months, completing
three sets of 10 repetitions for each muscle group on typical gym equipment. At
the start of the study, researchers noted significant differences between older
and younger participants in 600 genes. After six months of training, exercise
had changed a third of those genes, most of which affected the process of
turning nutrients into energy.

So, next time you look in the mirror and ponder the latest anti-aging treatment, remember this: An exercise regimen at any age can improve your strength and appearance, sure – but it also can keep you young and healthy all the way down to a cellular level. Now that’s deep cleansing.

Yoga exercise with Pranayama   is the best  way to keep some one young and fit till old age

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