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Red Meat And Alcohol Up Cancer Risk

LONDON: It’s well documented that eating too much red meat and drinking too much alcohol can increase the risk of developing cancer.

But, according to a new study carried out by a group of 21 international researchers, eating red meat and drinking alcohol even in small quantities could cause cancer, ‘The Observer’ reported here on Sunday.

According to one of the researchers, Prof David Shuker of Open University, “Our research shows that eating as little as 100 gms of red meat a day increases the risk of developing cancer. Any alcohol above zero increases risk of developing breast cancer and other cancers.

“We know that red meat increases your risk of bowel cancer. We might say that it’s just like cigarette smoking. So if you are concerned about bowel cancer you would come to the conclusion, supported by the evidence, that one should reduce one’s consumption of red meat.”

According to the report of the researchers to be published later this week, men should have no more than two drinks per day, and women just one, if they want to reduce their cancer risk.

The report will also set out 10 recommendations which the experts believe are a definitive blueprint for how those seeking to avoid cancer should live.

The 10 will cover — body fatness; physical activity; foods and drinks that promote weight gain; plant foods, notably fruit and vegetables; animal foods, particularly meat; alcoholic drinks; the preservation, processing and preparation of food; dietary supplements; lactation and breastfeeding; and cancer survivors.

Source: The Times Of India

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