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Beat the Winter Cold

During fall and winter it is common to use air heating to warm up living spaces. Such heating dries out the air, which in turn dries out the human body. The body becomes more susceptible to the bacteria that may live in houses or offices. That is why many people experience flues and colds during winter.


Below are a few simple steps that may help you prevent winter colds:

*Flu shot is the best known prevention measure against the virus. So, make a doctor’s appointment early this year, and save yourself from cold’s discomforts later in the season.

*Try to avoid touching your face when you are around people affected by the virus, and wash your hands frequently to stop the spreading of germs.

*Exercise regularly to stimulate your immune system, which is your body’s natural protector against diseases.

*Eat foods that contain a lot of vitamin C, zinc, and other elements known to help the body fight against the bacteria. Some of these foods are bananas, kiwi fruits, cranberries, carrots, onions, garlic, and yogurt. Fruit smoothies made in a Sunbeam® blender are a great way to eat your fruit!

*Make a point of taking the time to relax. Your body needs rest to replenish its powers to protect you from viruses and bacteria.

In case you do get the virus, here are some remedies that may shorten or relieve the symptoms:

*Always consult with your physician if you are feeling ill.

*Make sure to get all the rest your body needs to fight the virus.

*Drink a lot of fluids to replenish your system and prevent dehydration. Sunbeam® Water Heaters are a simple way to ensure that you have hot water on hand for soothing tea.

*Certain foods, like onions, blueberries, bananas and peppers, have unique elements that have been known to help with fighting common colds and flues.

*Try using a humidifier – it will add moisture into your room’s air, which in turn will help you breathe easier. Alternatively, you may try using a vaporizer: just add medicine in the unit (follow unit’s instructions), and start inhaling the curing vapors.

*Hot and cold packs work well to relieve nasal congestion.

If you remain ill for longer then 7 days, make an appointment to see your doctor – often the symptoms of common colds or flu are the same as of more serious infections.


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