How to Eliminate Chaos in Your Life and Work

Is your life in disarray? Are you always in a mad rush, looking for something you misplaced?


Then you’re like most of the human population. Disorganization is a natural state. But if you have a desire to get organized, here are a dozen expert tips to get you started:

1. Everything in its place. For everything that you own, designate a place. You can even label some of them, to make it easier to remember. Then simply put things back where they belong when you’re done using them.

2. Start small. Choose a small area and organize it. Come up with a simple system to keep it organized, practice until it becomes habit, then expand, one small area at a time.

3. Create routines. Make routines for everything — errands, laundry, finances, etc.

4. Clean as you go. Instead of having big cleaning binges, clean right away.

5. All info in one place. Keep all the information you regularly use and need in one place. You’ll never need to look for it again.

6. Put it away now. Done using something? Put it away immediately. Right now. No exceptions.

7. Use an inbox, and empty it. Instead of having papers all over the place, have one inbox for all incoming papers.

8. Keep a simple filing system. If your filing system is too complicated, you won’t use it.

9. Google Calendar. Or some other calendar system. This keeps all your scheduling in one place.

10. A simple system for pending items. For example, create a “Pending” folder to hold these items, and make a note of each item on your calendar.

11. Make your system user friendly. Once again, if it’s too difficult, you won’t use it.

12. Create a landing strip. When you get home, put everything you’re carrying onto a tray near your doorway, or in a similar area. That way it doesn’t get tossed on our counter or table, and you’ll never have to look for it or forget it when you leave.



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