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Conceiving Made Easier

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ForĀ  Indian couples who have been trying unsuccessfully to have children, a new line of help is now available. Called the conception kit, it aims to optimise a couple’s chances of pregnancy using various scientific charts and devices.


The comprehensive fertility kit won’t help couples who have complex infertility problems, but it just may be useful to couples who have too much stress and too little time to keep trying for babies. Career women can, for instance, use the kit’s ovulation chart to map out their fertile dates of the month. And for men who hate visiting infertility clinics for semen collection, the self-insemination kit may be a discreet option.

“There is no denying that no-sex no-baby couples are an urban trend,” says infertility specialist Aniruddha Malpani, whose clinic is making the kit available in India. Hrishikesh Pai, who consults at Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital, points out that stress affects conception. Either the couple is too tired to try or they try on the not-so-fertile days.

“Moreover, couples come too late to the doctor when only infertility treatments can help,” says Dr Malpani.

Many a times, the couple just puts off visiting doctors because of the stigma attached to infertility, which incidentally affects one in 10 couples.

The fertility kit can come handy for such couples. Priced at Rs 4,400, it has an ovulation chart, a non-toxic condom to collect semen (that has to be deposited at the infertility clinic within an hour), a penile vibrator for men with serious problems like spinal injuries or the like and a self-insemination kit.

The conception kit is not a new idea. The West has several devices available as single devices or in packages. In fact, the US market this year witnessed the launch of the first US FDA-approved conception kit. Priced at $300, it has been humorously referred to as “baby in a box” and claims to have helped 24% of its users conceive.

Sources : The Times Of India

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