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Nutritious Diet: A Way to Lose Weight

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HOUSTON: With weight loss topping the list of New Year’s resolution for most of the people this year, the nutrition experts have warned against going for a crazy fad or crash diets to achieve their goal.

There’s no need for crazy fads or crash diets. Simple, nutritious eating is the best way to achieve a healthy resolution weight loss goal, suggest experts.

“Women are the most likely victims of fad diets,” says nutrition expert Gloria Tsang. We’re so busy these days that even thinking about healthy eating can seem like too much, she said

“Fad diets or starvation seem easy, but the truth is these strategies are bad for you – and they just don’t work”, said Tsang, the founder of an online nutrition community.

She suggests that one should avoid having processed meats, skipping breakfast and refined grains like white bread and rice which have fewer nutrients.

Instead people should have lots of colourful veggies, which fresh or dried fruits.are high in fibre and low in calories, and to satisfy the sweet tooth, she suggests having a snacks of fresh or dried fruits.

She also says people should eat lots of popcorn, which contains fibre and anti-oxidants but hardly any calories. But is should be consumed without butter, she added

Sources: The Times Of India

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