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Tummy Wood {Careya arborea Roxb. (Lecythidaceae)}

Botanical Name: Careya arborea Roxb.
Family:    Lecythidaceae
Genus:    Careya
Species:    C. arborea
Kingdom:    Plantae
Order:    Ericales

Common name:Cocky apple
English name: Tummy wood.
Sanskrit name: Kumbhi.
Vernacular names: Ben and Hin : Kumbhi; Guj : Kumbi; Kan : Kaval, Doddala, Asanda; Lod : Kumbi-daru, Kumbhi; Mal: Alam, Pelu; Mun : Asanda-daru, Kumbhir; Sad: Kumbi; San: Khubati; Tam: Ayma; Tel: Araya, Duddipa.

Trade names: Kumbhi, Kumbi.

Habitat:Sub-Himalayan tract occu­rring throughout India up to an elevation of 1700 m. and Thiland & different parts of South east Asiea

Description: Careya arborea is a deciduous tree that grows up to 15m-45ft high. Its leaves turn red in the cold season. Flowers are yellow or white in colour that become large green berries. The tree grows throughout India in forests and grasslands.

The tree with large ovate, ovate-oblong leaves clustered at the end of the branchlets, old le_ves often red/purple; flowers large, white and pink, in dense spikes, fruits large globose green, crowded with calyx tube, deciduous….CLICK & SEE

Flowering: March-May; Fruiting: July.
Chemical contents: Bark: lupeol, betulin; Leaf: ellagic acid, hexacosanol, quercetin, β-sitosterol, β-spinasterol taraxerol and its OAc, valoneic acid, careaborin, β-amyrin; Seed: α-spinasterol, α-spinasterone, baringtogenol-C, careyagenol-E.

Medicinal Uses:

Traditional use: LODHA: (i) Root-paste: in body pain, (ii) Root-bark decoction (with long pepper) : in fever, (iii) Stem-bark powder (paste with honey): to children in cold and cough; SANTAL : Stem-bark: (paste with margosa) : in leucoderma

Remarks: Only plant named by William Roxburgh in honour of William Carey. Lodhas use fresh stem bark decoction for washing septic wounds of cattle, and keep a dry fruit in a room as snake repellant. Oraons use powdered stem, root and leaf for poisoning fish.

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