Kefir is a Wonderful Alternative to Yogurt

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Kefir is a wonderful alternative to yogurt, and makes an excellent topping for many types of dishes, main courses, side dishes and deserts.

For those of you who don’t relish the taste of straight kefir from a glass, today’s simple recipe will be a very tasty way for you to have your kefir and eat it too! This dish is also good for protein and mixed types alike.


*1 sliced banana

*½ cup fresh, raw, organic kefir

*½ to 1 tsp. Pure Gold Honey, or to taste

Note: Green-tipped, starchier bananas are best for protein types, while mixed types may use sweeter, riper ones.


1.Place banana slices in bowl.

2.Pour kefir over the top.

3.Top with Pure Gold Honey and mix.

By the way, eating kefir with a spoon that’s got a bit of honey on it is a delightful treat. Who says kefir can’t be delectable?

Sources:A Delightfully, Delectable Way to have Your Kefir and Eat It Too

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