How to Make Yourself INSANELY Useful

You probably know several people who are insanely useful: they  are the go-to person whenever you need help.

.These people, however, are not any smarter, better connected or more competent than you are. It’s their attitude that makes them so necessary, and the fact that they know how to make you feel better about yourself.

Do you want to be one of these insanely useful people? With these Lifehack tips, you can be!

* Share what you know: Be open with people about your strengths and knowledge.

* Be confident in yourself: Know that you are needed and valuable.

* Solve the current problem: Help people with the immediate problem they  are facing.

* Don’t take over: Work with others and show that you value their expertise and perspective.

* Ask for help: Give other people a chance to shine.

* Be reliable: Once you commit, follow through.

* Give willingly: Go the  extra mileage  to help people out.

Looking for even more great tips? Check out the link below.


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