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Soothing Sensitive Teeth

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It is such a burden to suffer from a sensitive tooth. It bothers during meals, while drinking something hot or cold, even sometimes while breathing air through the mouth.

There are many factors that can cause and some of them are:

*Brushing the teeth in a hard or strong way can wear out the enamel and cause tooth sensitivity.

*If the gum level recedes, due to gum disease or vigorous brushing, the root becomes exposed, making the tooth sensitive.

*A fracture of a tooth can expose the dentin.

*Grinding the teeth wears down the enamel.

*Tooth whitening products can cause a temporary sensitivity to the teeth

*Certain mouthwashes are acidic and long term use can wear away the enamel of the tooth.

*Foods high in acid content, such as soft drinks, citric fruits, or ice-tea, wear out the enamel if consumed excessively.

*Recent dental treatments (fillings, cleanings, root canals or crowns) can cause sensitivity to the repaired tooth for a few weeks

A severe tooth ache, that is constant and prevents sleep, can be the cause of more serious problems and should be checked by a dentist as soon as possible.

Chemistry Provides Solution To Plug Pores In Teeth.
A chemical mix imitating the minerals found in saliva, but at higher concentrations, can be added to toothpaste to plug tiny pores that lead to nerves. The exposed pores lead to nerves, causing pain and sensitive teeth.

For millions of people, the sharp pain and discomfort of sensitive teeth can make your favorite hot or cold foods impossible to enjoy.

Lyndsay Bare, a third-year dental student at the University of Maryland, can relate to anyone with sensitive teeth. “I would bleach my teeth late at night, and then I’d wake up in the morning and there would be just this searing pain,” Bare says. The pain can be worse by hot and cold foods or just smiling on a cold, windy day. Over the counter toothpastes don’t always work well.

Now, a new ingredient in toothpaste, developed by dentists, called Novamin, can dramatically reduce teeth sensitivity. Gary Hack, DDS, a dentist from the University of Maryland says, “It’s totally natural, it’s non-toxic, and it’s providing the same minerals that your saliva has in the oral environment, just at a higher concentration.” Teeth become sensitive when gum tissue recedes, exposing a tooth’s roots. Roots contain small holes or tubules that lead to nerves. Novamin plugs up the holes cutting off contact with nerves and eliminating pain. “It can also help in preventing decay. We found that it can whiten teeth and can help with periodontal or gum disease as well,” Dr. Hack says. Dentists also say that drinking too much fruit juice can cause teeth sensitivity.

Novamin is found in toothpaste available from your dentist. Bare can now recommend it to her future patients. “After I used it, cold air wasn’t that big of a deal, neither was drinking cold liquids,” she says.


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